The topics of bachelor’s and master’s theses follow the chair’s research areas and mainly originate from the following fields:

  • Pricing & Revenue Management
  • Urban Mobility
  • Operations Scheduling

Please refer to the MSM guidelines for the preparation of theses.

Bachelor Theses

If you are interested in writing your bachelor’s thesis, feel free to contact us (pl (at) with your preferred field. Together, we should be able to find a fitting topic.

Master Theses

Currently, we are offering the following topics:

  • Dynamic Pricing of Multiple Products
  • Optimization of Car-Sharing Systems
  • Heuristics for Flow Shop Scheduling

Besides the aforementioned topics, we generally are willing to consider students’ topic suggestions or to find a customised topic in a discussion. Basic requirements for such topics are that they have to be sufficiently similar to the chair’s research areas and must have a methodological focus. Generally, one third of the thesis should deal with the formulation and solution of optimization models. Students are welcome to contact us via email (pl (at)